Quality Control

The quality policy of Shandong Taigang International Trade Co.,Ltd.  is to establish implement and maintain an effective assurance system. Based on standard of EN570 and ISO 9001 with the full employees in the process of continuous quality improvement and quality assurance practices resulting in our customer satisfaction. The purpose of our quality system is to continuously improve the quality of our products, our services and productivity in order to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction.

Chemical Composition Inspection By Gun To Ensure That All Materials Are Qualified

we are carefully check the material and produce the products with heart to make sure we can produce the most high quality products for our customers. We are 100% make sure ther is no cheat for the material to achieve the low cost.

Total quality management system.

Trade assurance from alibaba can make sure your payment and delivery time.

Every process will be checked by QC system.

Professional packing teams and standard packing for ocean  or air transportation.

Small piece samples can be provided for free.

Professional and passion sales team.

Customized designs is available with CAD/PS drawings.

Product Catalog